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Advanced Palliative Care Concepts and Practice for Nurses

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Cegep John Abbott

7,0 heures

Knowledge of the basic components of providing safe, compassionate end of life care to terminally ill patients is an essential component to nursing practice. As the population ages, chronic illnesses become common- place and long term. Nurses will need a clear understanding of how to provide care to this very vulnerable and growing patient population. Nurses encounter death in virtually all practice settings, including acute, chronic/long-term and community settings. This one day workshop will provide nurses with an overview of palliative practice in Canada, as well as a review of recent changes in Quebec law that could have an effect on the way nurses provide end of life care. Topics include how to apply palliative care principles in any care setting, the nurses role in providing palliative sedation, understanding Law 2 and its implications for the nurse, communication strategies during difficult times; discussing the true and varied meanings of 'caring'; bereavment and common sypmtoms experienced by the patient at the end of life, including management of pain, delirium and dyspnea. A combination of lecture modules, participation in reflective practice exercises, group discussions and 2 short film review/discussion will be used.


This course is designed for nurses who are already familiar with the basics of palliative care and want to gain a deeper understanding of the complex needs of patients who are nearing the end of life. The course is not restricted to nurses who work exclusively in a palliative milieu as those who work in varied clinical areas on occasion care for clients who have terminal or advancing illness.

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